Holladay Distillery unleashes White Dog while waiting for its bourbon

Holladay Distillery in Weston, Mo., has released White Dog, a clear spirit commonly called moonshine, as it waits on its first bourbon.

Bourbon requires years of aging in fresh, charred white oak barrels, which give it a distinctive taste and amber color. So Holladay needs to wait a few more years before it can release its bourbon. But White Dog is type of white whiskey straight off the still and is bottled un-aged.

White Dog is the first new product to come off the line at the distillery since Holladay began distilling bourbon again in 2015 — for the first time in 30 years. Holladay Distillery is part of McCormick Distilling Company Inc. and has been making whiskey for 160 years.

White Dog is 118 proof, or 59 percent alcohol. It’s made from a recipe dating back to the company’s roots in 1856. It is sold in 375ml glass corked jugs, with a 750ml version coming soon. Currently, it can only be purchased at the distillery, One McCormick Lane in Weston.

From Kansas City Business Journal
James Dornbrook | October 24, 2016

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