The McCormick Monthly: September 2018

Happy Friday, team McCormick! And happy *almost* fall! Only 15 days until the first day of autumn, and you know what that means! The return of all things festive and cozy…the beautiful changing leaves, the lingering cool breeze, warm sweaters, and, of course, So. Much. Pumpkin! Here at McCormick, we are looking back on the… Read more »

The McCormick Monthly: July 2018

Once Fourth of July rolls around, it truly feels like sweet summertime. There’s nothing better than taking time off from work, soaking up some sun, and partaking in festive activities with your favorite people, all in honor and pride of our home, the USA. Now that summer’s rocking and rolling, so are our tours. People… Read more »

The McCormick Monthly: May 2018

Happy Memorial Day weekend, Brave Bourbon-ites! The sun is shining, the humidity is causing bad hair days, and the bald eagle has landed on Warehouse C. Seriously, did you get a glimpse of the majestic animal earlier this week? If not, don’t worry, we got pictures!     That’s right. Like friends and fans of… Read more »

The McCormick Monthly: April 2018

Howdy, Spirits Superstars! Summer’s on its way, and you know what that means… TOUR SEASON!!! Already we’ve had around 3,000 people tour the distillery this year, and we have a feeling that number is going to climb even higher once warm weather stays for good. Going full speed ahead in preparation, there are a lot… Read more »

The McCormick Monthly: March 2018

Hello again, Team McCormick! And an even bigger HELLO to the warm weather heading our way! Now that Spring is *almost* in the air, we can begin to say our final goodbyes to the bitter cold and freezing rain of winter.  The transition that springtime provides can be so uplifting because it often represents the clearing… Read more »

The McCormick Monthly: January 2018

Happy 2018, team McCormick! Every year, it seems, we spend so much time talking about the holidays, checking items off the shopping list, wrapping gifts, and all that festive jazz. Then, just like that. Blink! They’re over. Now it’s time to focus your energy forward and show those New Year’s Resolutions who’s boss (if, you… Read more »

The McCormick Monthly: December 2017

 Hello everyone! It’s been a busy fall! So busy, in fact, that we’re way behind on our McCormick Monthly, so here’s some of the biggest news from the last few months. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and we’ll be back on track with a monthly version of the newsletter in January! FIVE FARMS The… Read more »

The McCormick Monthly: September 2017

You wouldn’t know it from the weather in Weston this week, but today is the official first day of fall! Cooler temperatures and changing leaves are right around the corner, and the distillery will soon be humming with the many visitors who come to Weston for Applefest and Irish Fest. Here’s what else has been… Read more »

The McCormick Monthly: August 2017

Hello Everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying the last of the lazy days of summer…though they could hardly be called lazy at the distillery! This has been one of the busiest summers in memory – here’s the latest about what’s been happening. The Solar Eclipse  On Monday, August 21, there will be a total solar eclipse!… Read more »

The McCormick Monthly: July 2017

Presenting the new and improved employee newsletter! Here’s the latest on what’s happening at the distillery. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer! Distillery Tours Did you know that the first time an employee takes the distillery tour, it is FREE for both you and your immediate family members? If you haven’t already done… Read more »